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My Testimonials

  • I regularly work out and have had trainers in the past but was feeling I had plateaued so was wanting a push. Although our time was short I felt that Paul understood what I wanted and despite me having issues with my back knew what would work and what wouldn’t. I felt like I had a good workout at the end.

    Eve (20), Exeter

  • I wanted a Personal Trainer to help me lose weight, get fitter and improve my energy levels. Paul seemed a little different to the other personal trainers around Exeter, so decided to sign up to 6 weeks initially. Paul really seems to understand what motivates me to lose weight, what exercises I enjoy and has created a variable routine which is helping me lose weight. He understands the science / physiology behind weight loss and exercise and can explain this in a way which makes sense. I particularly like the flexibility around when we have training sessions and ability to fit around my home, work and family commitments. After a few weeks Paul really understood me, my values and attitude to exercise. He pushes me during our training sessions, in a nice gentle way, rather than drill sergeant you see so many other personal trainers doing. I would recommend Paul to my friends and family.

    Chris, Exeter

  • I am. 67 year old woman with serious health problems with no strength in my legs at all after being on steroids for 37 Years.. I have only been with Paul a short while but have found Paul to be very understanding, caring and motivational. I am physically really weak and Paul has designed a programme for me which is constantly evolving as I get stronger. I think everyone should be lucky enough to have a trainer like Paul, and anyone thinking of giving him a go should. Watch this space I will be back to let you know how I am getting on, Paul and I have set a goal of being able to walk the length of Sidmouth seafront by August 17th. Wish me luck.

    Lyn, Exeter